Friday, October 15, 2010

new read!


Lauren Conrad's latest book out "Style"
has just hit shelves.
Conrad has some great ideas for all-American looks, but with her pretty looks and fame, it's easy to write off her book as simply another celebrity hawking her fashion advice, which was probably handed down by her personal stylist.
Conrad is not afraid of being honest; sometimes the faux leather is a better deal than the real leather bomber, especially when you're dealing with trends that could be fleeting. Conrad also touches on important issues like how to shop for vintage clothing, online shopping and personal closet cleaning
However, where Conrad hits it right is by making note of things that real women care about: where do you get the best stuff on eBay, and how do you make sure it's good quality? How does one keep their clothes in good condition? How do you do your makeup and hair for an occasion?

I think its a cute read at only $29.95- enjoy x

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