Monday, March 21, 2011

second skin!

Leather definitely looks to be our second skin this season and C.C's Celine jacket is just super styling isn't it just?


  1. ahah i was going to post this earlier.
    that celine jacket is probably one of my favourite things she owns.
    we have similar taste in content - i like that. x.

  2. ohh lovely I know how amazing is this jacket?.. yes i love your blog & love that you love the same things I do xx
    p.s still post it on your's too!

  3. ahah. nah, nah. i decided against it.
    i'm way too o.c.d and have to make sure that all of my posts somehow mesh well together. it just didn't fit at the time. but i'm glad that you posted it - they're great shots! x.